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Kubo’s (effort at writing) romansu:

One night…

  • A bad guy (sent by the Bad Boss) attacked a boy.
  • A girl broke some law/code & saved the boy.
  • The girl got hurt by the bad guy.

Time went by…

  • The girl was in danger of dying as the result of that fateful night.
  • The girl’s childhood/close boy friend blame the boy for it.
  • The boy (and other boy) wanted to help but didn’t know how.
  • A sandal-hat man entered the scene, saying he could help.
  • That mysterious man said, to rescue the girl, the boy must sacrifice his current life, & live as another being.
  • The boy easily agreed. After all the boy just couldn’t let the girl who saved him die. He’s not a shameless person. 

And so he went to save the girl…

  • When they reunited, the boy held her body under his arm. Looking at the girl, he said, "Yo/Hey, I’m here to protect/save you."


In this case, the boy & the girl’s souls were bind by this strong reishi strings in order to keep her alive. The boy then became her lifetime protector .. Time skipped, these two dated, got married and had beautiful babies…. Now one of the babies had grown up as a fine young boy & he had underwent a somewhat similar situation as his dad had gone through before.

 Ha. Love and destiny that young man inherited indeed. :D

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